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Control Type Info

Monitor only

Provides means for monitoring the vessel only via RTD, display and web.


All outputs are relays rated 8A@110VAC. Nominal specs below are for circuit protection and may be adjusted as necessary. Higher power and multi-phase outputs available. Contact.

DC Output

Provides a DC output at nominal 1A@24VDC

AC Output)

Provides an AC output at nominal 0.5A@110VAC.

Thermostat (Contact closure)

Provides an isolated normally open relay contact. Typical ratings 8A@250V

Panel Control Interface Type

Standalone Controllers

Standalone industrial temperature controllers are industrial-quality, microcontroller-based temperature controllers with high-visibility LED displays, with PID and on/off modes. RS485 communication allows read/write to/from your controllers from our CuPID web interface.

Tcuchscreen / PLC Options

Our touchscreen/PLC combination option combines a user-friendly, industrial quality, IP-rated panel-mount touchscreen and a robust PLC control system to your panel. This combination offers the best in both control flexibility, web integration, and future-compatibility, should you wish to add more monitoring and control elements in the future. PLC programming also allows complex systems processing and output conditioning.

10", 17" 1280x800 Touchscreens

Our touchscreens are die-cast aluminum, IP65/NEMA4 industrial quality standalone units manufactured for durability and rugged operation.

Panel Finish Info

white Paint

NEMA4 rated panel with white paint finish

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel enclosure, resistant to caustic, NEMA 4X rating (available soon)

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Level Sensors


304SS Mechanical level floats are the simplest and most cost-effective option, but have moving parts that will eventually fail, and can clog with brewing materials. Sensors also require clearance for a deflection on fill that indicates level. Sensors have a 1/2" NPT fitting easily coupled to a 1.5" TC adapter.


304SS/Polysulphone optical level sensors are a robust solution that requires immersion in fluid to indicate level. These may be placed in tees in existing fittings, making them ideal for retrofit. NPN/PNP output requires internal panel relay. Sensors have a 1/2" NPT fitting easily coupled to a 1.5" TC adapter.


304SS Thermal level sensors are a versatile sensor that measures the thermal response of fluid, and may be calibrated on site for a variety of fluid types, such as foam vs. liquid, different liquid types, etc. Also comes with an internal mechanical relay that makes retrofit optimal by placing them inline with existing components. Sensors have a 1/2" NPT fitting easily coupled to a 1.5" TC adapter.

Tuning Fork

316/204SS Tuning fork level sensor are ideal for measuring non-liquids such as foam and powder. This feature makes it ideal for detecting foam-over in brewing applications. NPN/PNP output requires internal panel relay, and is typically used with a timer in Kettle applications. Fitting is 1" NPT.

Timer Option

Internal on/off timers add process stability by adding delay for level switching output. In a Kettle boil, for example, bubbles and intermittent level changes may trip level sensors momentarily. This is especially problematic for direct and indirect fire systems, which can/should not be cycled rapidly. For standard controller systems, adjustable rail-mount timers offer tunable options for level sensing.
Touchscreen systems automatically include timers on all level sensors.

Remote EStops

Remote Estop

For controls disable off of the brew deck (or wherever you like), we offer a remote Emergency Stop unit. Price here includes internal connections, external wiring, and commissioning.

Accessory Loads

Accessory Loads

Accessory loads provide contact closures (and power upon request) for external items such as lights, stack vents, etc. Typically, these loads are much more simpler and cost effective to add to a touchscreen system, which inputs and outputs can very easily be added to, with buttons added to your touchscreen interface.

Standard controllers options

Includes a lit LED pushbutton and relay are provided to control the load and indicate when it is activated

Touchscreen/PLC options

Includes a button on your touchscreen interface to control your load, with appropraite labeling

Add. PLC Temp. inputs

Add. PLC Temp. inputs (TS Only)

Additional temperature inputs for your teouchscreen/PLC system allow you to view temperatures of other site elements, such as additional vessel location temperatures, chiller lines, cold storage, grants -- anything you can attach a sensor to.

These work with any RTD sensor. We stock standard thermowell 1.5" TC sensors as well as small-barrel 4mm x 50mm waterproof RTD sensors (listed below) for use with these inputs.

Included in this option is sensor wiring (if desired), an additional hardware input (if necessary), read code for your PLC, and addition of a temperature display to your interface.

Add. Control Channels

Add. Control Channels (TS Only)

Additional control channels allow you to control temperature systems such as fermentation vessels, brite tanks, ceiling vents, recirculation pumps, or anything else with an input and an output -- we can make most anything fit your needs.

Typically, this option is the combination of an external load output with an additional temperature input. This option includes all temperature input options as the temperature input option above, an accessory relay output, wiring, and programming for PID, on/off, or whichever algorithm is desired.

Control Vessels

Control Vessels

Number of control vessels for the system.

Example: 8 Fermentation Vessels + 2 Brite Tanks = 10 Control vessels.

Add. Temp Sensors

Thermowell RTD Sensor

Class A Pt100 RTD, 1.5"TriClamp fitting, 8" 304SS Thermowell, 20' cable with strain relief

Plain RTD Sensor

Class A Pt100 RTD, metal 4mm x 50mm housing, 6' PFA cable, waterproof.

Temp Sensor

Sensor Types

Controls are designed for Platinum RTD inputs, which is what we offer.
Our standard RTD is sealed into an 8" thermowell, with a strain relief and 20' cable.
Thermoweell is attached to a 1.5" tri-clamp fitting.

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